the last water heater you’ll ever need.

Water heating is the second largest energy consumer in the home and ninety-six percent of homes in the US use outdated, inefficient storage tanks to heat their water.

We used our 20 years of experience in the market to design a new line of electric tankless water heaters with one major guide: let’s keep what works, let’s improve what doesn’t, and let’s add some really cool stuff that gives users more control over their hot water usage. We also wanted it to look really good. 

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Our Mission

Thank you for visiting Optimal°. We believe converting more homes to electric tankless will significantly reduce energy and water consumption in the US. We hope you’ll join us in that mission.

We are a small business in the US with founders collectively representing nearly 20 years of experience in the product category. We worked for Big Water and decided to innovate ourselves. It was a big step for us -and one giant leap for hot water. We designed each heater to give you the performance, warranty, and customer service you deserve. After all, you inspired us.

Be Optimal

Forget scrambling for a plumber in a cold shower crisis. Optimal water heaters are built for a quarter-century of worry-free hot water, engineered to prevent breakdowns and smart home enabled to keep your life flowing smoothly. No more outdated tank heaters replaced with, well, more outdated tank heaters. Optimal is different.

Imagine a water heater that pays for itself in efficiency, diagnoses issues before they become emergencies, and comes with a worry-free guarantee.

That's Optimal. Upgrade your hot water, upgrade your life.